Feature journalist with an emphasis on arts and culture, business, and sports by the numbers. Proofreader, copy editor, and researcher.

As entrepreneur journalist, I manage all at Up the Ladder Sideways (2017-present), a closer look at the millennial workforce; Two for the Ice (2013-present), a deep dive into the numbers and technique behind partnered figure skating; and Moving in Measure, a focused look at dance and its cultural ripples.

My work has also appeared in outlets including Atlas Obscura, Dance International magazine, Ice-Dance.com, and DePaul University’s Red Line Project. Magazines including Advertising Age and San Antonio Magazine have availed themselves of my capabilities in research and proofreading.


Master of Arts, Journalism, DePaul University (2014), specializing in feature writing and the role of journalism as sociopolitical institution in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Bachelor of Arts, English, Texas Lutheran University (2007), minor in History. Special focuses on nonfiction writing, nineteenth and early twentieth century British literature, theological history, and an excessive number of music-centered electives.


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